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A hopelessness hangs

The moon, lonely for the sun

Priorities lost

Faith (a haiku) by Kelley Stephens



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Talk To You Soon

There will come a time I will ask you if I smell like death.
My life might have started to resemble ripped stitches.
Sometimes the world slaps me so hard it feels like I’ve been cut.
This is the reason I wear makeup so thick.
I vomit while laying on my back, the flies lay eggs in my mouth.
Maybe I will choke or my questioning of death will come out as a gurgle.
Suppose that’s the only way I can get you to answer.


-Talk To You Soon

by Kelley Stephens


the_agony_of_the_fly_by_deathwish mixed with  flies_on_a_wire__by_lithp

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My Poetry


She wants to touch the face of someone new
To breathe in the thick fog of them 
The weight of her, is back on track and
she wants to do more, to be insatiable

Things have to change or they’ll change her
and she’s taking it out on the floor,
pacing back and forth as if she
could be separate from what was parallel
from me or the clouds she longs for

I am waiting for her to look up from the 
horoscope section of the
Monday morning paper

Gemini by Kelley Stephens



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I’m Back a Published Artist

I’m back a published artist!

You can find me in Persephone’s Daughter’s Fall 2015 inaugural edition literary magazine (HERE).

Persephone: once abducted by Hades, queen of the underworld, vegetation goddess, protector of  young girls.
Persephone’s Daughter’s is a lit magazine dedicated to empowering women who have experienced various forms of abuse and degradation.

They also have a (TUMBLR) and a (FACEBOOK) as well if you are interested.  The magazine is geared towards Women and has a variety of art, poetry, prose, interviews and reviews.  All of the women working for this magazine are really so kind and helpful if you just want some advice or someone to talk to.  With such great young and talented women involved in this project I see it only getting bigger and better! In saying that, I am honored that I get to say I was one of the originals!

I’ve gone through some unbelievable things since I have last blogged here and I am still figuring it all out and putting pieces together so, getting my work out there and published couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I am so thankful for the opportunity, the deadlines and the hard push it took to get to this point.  You can be sure to see more of my art being published hopefully soon!

Finally, I am happy to share that about seven or eight months ago I decided to start a YouTube channel showing sped up demos of my painting process start to finish. 
I am hoping to do a giveaway of a painting that has or will be featured in a video on my channel soon as well. So, everyone go check it out, subscribe, like and watch for me please! The link is (HERE) or you can click the red You Tube link above!


6th Street

6th Street  by Kelley Stephens-  If anyone is interested in purchasing artwork or if you have any inquiries please email me at 


Remember to check out all the red links above and thank you for your time!



My Poetry

Only We

Only We

By Kelley Stephens


My belly button comes unraveled,

your arms slide around me outstretched, wet;

I thought I was standing when you coded.


Surely your mind is repairing flat tires,

as Im enervated, my tears making stains on the ground.


Switching places with me behind patterned blue curtains,

while the sun is so proud of you; basking, you outshined,

the ice buried inside me is born from lost black diamonds.


To think in order to feel warm, I need to wear you,

then your sweat trickles down cool sapped images of time.


Getting ready to leave, putting on your shirt,

Dressing myself, feeling flush as you touch my neck,

I smell your scent and I unquestionably begin to melt.


Laying there dreaming that your touch might,

again melt inside my icy belly, thawing love.




My Poetry

Meet Me At The Park

Meet Me At The Park

Kelley Stephens


I search the wind for traces of you.

Hoping you’ll get lost in a breeze.


Under this midnight sky let me feel you.

I fear I have become so vacant and hollow.


Alone never did look good on me.

Always adhering to a strict schedule.


Walking our neighborhood tonight.

Starring at the stars I contemplate a truce.

Because hell is walking along side your ghost.


All alone still hoping that some evening,

I will catch your scent; pick you from the grass,

and wear you in my hair like a hot summer



My Poetry


“I have lost all my pride,
and for having no shame,
I really do feel so heavy today.” -Kelley Stephens (Random thought)


Today I allowed myself to laugh.  Really genuinely laugh.  It was the strangest feeling, so much so that it almost felt wrong in a million ways.

Then, that ridiculous song you like so much ended up being a part of the movie I was watching.  As two men fought over the one girl; intended to be funny, of course leave it to me to cry.  So, I did and continued all throughout the night.

Yesterday I begged you to listen.

I knew just what was coming.

Last week I begged for something different.

Pseudo comfort or a small commitment perhaps.

Last month I begged for something similar,

to hear me out or to hear you, simply say it.

Last month, I played the waiting game,

And last year the same.  Beg and wait.

Two years ago, you were sneaking around.

I begged to be seen and was drowned,

had a break down and broke down again,

we laid down, pinned down and for a while,

I thought we were becoming whole,

coming back home to unwind and settle in.

Two years ago, on this day, we did not speak.

Oh how things change.

And how I hate it.

Today I beg to spill into, one, single,

and not so devastatingly lonely place.

Does it bleed you to give?

Shameless by Kelley Stephens