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Jekyll and Hyde

My Poetry

Meeting the Family

We finished the bottle of Bombay Sapphire while looking in the rearview at a St. louis skyline fading, until it soaked into the ground.

It’s not as romantic as it sounds. My re-lit cigarette burns between my fingers as I try to run over the memories I wish I could forget.

Nobody wants to believe that some people were born with malevolence in their blood.

Even when I hear the slam of a red hand in a door or see the stain myself, I justify, I play advocate and can never have enough proof.

To me it’s all duplicity and mastery. 

“Meeting the family”– by Kelley Stephens


My Poetry


I never knew you to be kind or what my name sounds like drenched in your pride.
I don’t know you to be gentle in your conversation and I’m starting to forget what your eyes look like in the morning.
You put me on a plane, handed me a one way ticket and my in flight refreshment was the hope that I can still taste, although now bitter and rotten. It’s amazing to me how one man can be so many things but never what you imagined.

-imagined by Kelley Stephens