My Poetry

Simple Truth

Simple Truth

K.S. 2013

I am not layers of secrets I am simply complex.

You are scared because you don’t know what you are supposed to fear.

Trust comes easily when we are together intimately or during life and death situations.

I said I wouldn’t go away and now I stand around even though I am a runner by nature.

You said you forgave the darkest parts of me, yet still shouting I don’t know you!

Come explore me, my mind my body heart and soul,

My bare cheek and again when it’s covered in my grief,

In my darkness you will know the light innocent parts of me.

Simply and Truly.




2 thoughts on “Simple Truth

  1. I have six sisters and three daughters. I know woman control their world. Can make your world good or bad. I like the internal thoughts in the excellent poetry.

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